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The One

August, 7Piano Moods...

An elegantly simple classical-style piano & strings piece, with beautiful melody to evoke memories and feelings for that special someone who touched your heart in a way no-one else can.

Included are a piano solo edit and a piano & strings edit.

The One: 4:51

The One piano edit: 2:35

The One pianostrings edit: 2:36

Pharaoh Mystery

February, 3Cinematic...

Pharaoh Mystery is a cinematically intense underscore evocative of the ancient pyramids, and equally useful for building to a mysterious climax or simply as a transitional atmospheric instrumental.

With pulsing rhythmic drums and atmospheric textures, the audience will be unable to resist finding out what all the mystery is about.

Piano Celebration

February, 6Piano Moods...

An upbeat and motivational track consisting of a piano solo theme over acoustic and electric guitars, ethereal synth, bass, and drums. With an “outdoors” feeling of nature and the open air it’s perfect to inspire that family vacation feeling.

Included with the full-length version is a 30 second edit which can be heard at time index 3:35 of the preview.

Beethoven’s 5th On The Rocks

February, 6Production Music...

Can you imagine how different Beethoven’s music might have sounded if the drum kit had been invented when he was alive? Here is one of the most famous pieces of classical music ever, in its full orchestral glory, supercharged with the adrenaline of tailor-made rock drumming. Guaranteed to make the establishment frown, and the rebellious among us grin. Most excellent, dudes!

Included are the full-length version of the 1st Movement of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, and also a shorter edit (5m 53s) which omits the repeat of the first section. The shorter edit begins at time index 07:19.

Rachmaninoff – Piano Concerto No. 2, 2nd Movement

February, 6Piano Classics...

This is a piano solo transcription of the 2nd Movement Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto. The tune is very well-known, having been famously used in film and popular music. It begins with a short sequence of stately chords which lead into a beautiful arpeggiated transition and eventually to the simple and elegantly romantic theme. It has been recorded using professional samples of a Steinway concert grand piano. Included are a full length version (4:11), and also a shorter edit (2:19) which can be heard in the preview track starting at time index 4:12.

Satie – Gymnopédie No. 1

February, 6Piano Classics...

This is the first (and most well-known) of a set of three serene pieces by Satie, considered to have been extremely influential in the early development of ambient music. In each the deliberate slight dissonance between the melody and accompanying chords creates a doleful and sublime melancholy. It is sometimes known as Gymnopédie No. 3, because Debussy orchestrated this and the original No. 3, but reversed the numbering (despite not including No. 2 at all!).

Beethoven – Pathétique Sonata, 2nd Movement

February, 6Piano Classics...

One of Beethoven’s most famous piano pieces, this movement contains a theme quoted in a certain singer-songwriter’s ballad. The theme is played three times in total, interspersed with 2 minor episodes – beautifully emotional and romantic piano music.

Pachelbel – Canon in D

February, 6Piano Classics...

An upbeat piano transcription of Johann Pachelbel’s most famous piece. Originally written for 3 violins and basso continuo, lost until the early 20th Century, this piece is now a popular favourite played at weddings.

Chopin – Prelude Op. 28, No. 20

February, 6Piano Classics...

Commonly known as the “Chord Prelude”, this piece begins with a slow progression of strident chords. There follows a quieter series of descending chords, which are repeated even more quietly before the final cadence. It is sometimes referred to as “The Funeral March”.

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